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Think Effective Consultancy Can Help You Create...
A Community or Cross Sector Approach to 
Mental Health Improvement

I work with communities, local government & passionate individuals like you who want to make real & sustainable change happen in the space of mental health.

All across society amazing individuals work in silos trying to solve the mental health crisis, frustrated that it continues to worsen despite ongoing effort, and burnt out from trying to do it all.

Rural communities have a unique opportunity to bring the strengths that already exist in govt sectors, community and sporting groups together to create an intentional & collaborative approach to improve mental health & wellbeing outcomes.

Think Effective Consultancy can provide you with a grass roots, proven framework for improvement and clear actionable steps that will help you create a cross-sector or community approach that will lead to true mental health reform in your region and ongoing funding to support it.

Why Do You Need A 
Community Approach 
To Mental Health?

Because this is about saving people’s lives!

This is not about watching the statistics, it is about changing them.

It is about working together and taking people’s individual strengths that exist and bringing them together to improve localised mental health outcomes.

It is about making sustainable change happen from the ground up to ensure that mental health and wellbeing is a priority across all aspects of society.

It is about ensuring that passionate people, like you, don’t burn out from lack of traction and that you, instead, create true change in the space of mental health.

What Does A Community Approach
to Mental Health Look Like?
Think Effective Consultancy
Will Take You From Feeling...
Frustrated & burnt out trying to improve mental health services and pathways for support
Having a working action team and a Community Wellbeing Plan that can create localised, sustainable solutions for mental health improvement.
Confused and not sure where to start
Leaving you inspired and with clear actions you can implement immediately.
Being stuck and having endless discussions about the issues with no solutions
Having specific strategies to help you create a team/engage stakeholders/create mental health messaging or wherever you are up to in the process of improving mental health outcomes
Having a clear roadmap for improving mental health in your community.
Govt sectors, community + sporting groups and local businesses working together to improve mental health outcomes.
Having a connected community that values and supports mental health and could problem solve issues in order to create localised solutions as they arise.
Having easy to find and varied support pathways for those needing support for their mental health.
Being the driver for change or a key part of the process in your community.
Hear What Others Have To Say
Here is What is Included When You
Work With Think Effective Consultancy
1-2 Hrs Speaking/Presentations
$500 per presentation + travel

Zoom Meeting to identify specific topic & requirements for presentation. Presentations are designed to inspire or inform a school or staff about an area of need such as providing inspiration to a staff about developing a Culture of Wellbeing. They are often useful to create buy-in from the staff.

Presentation & Access to any materials used during presentation such as power point for future reference

NOT INCLUDED: Travel Expenses
Potential Presentations:
  • Benefits & Development of a community approach to mental health (inspire a group / get an overview of the process and benefits) creating a positive & connected community or club/group.small business - specific strategies to implement immediately.

  • Setting up your action team - overview

  • Deep dive into key areas for development & specific strategies to utilise to improve mental health & wellbeing.

  • Developing a shared understanding of mental health - short workshop to develop a shared understanding that is relevant to your setting & can be shared with your community/association.

  • Creative data collection strategies

  • Identify local protective & risk factors for mental health & make a plan to build on or minimise.

  • Social connection & belonging strategies - explore strategies to build connection and belonging

  • Mental Health Messaging - What can you do & essential templates to utilise.
Workshop Sessions
$500 (1-2 Hrs) - $1000 (Full Day)
per workshop + travel

Zoom Meeting to Plan Needs for Session to ensure high level of engagement and buy-in from team

1-2 hour interactive workshop with team or interested individuals or Full Day session to work through implementation of an area. These sessions differ from a presentation in that they are designed to achieve progress and improve outcomes in the stage you are implementing. Participants will actively workshop ideas for your community and engage in activities and discussion in order to come away with clearly met outcomes and documents for accountability & progress.

All resources used in workshop will be provided and follow up documentation sent based on collaboration and consensus during workshop. These resources will be available to share with the school team and will assist in ongoing implementation and improved mental health outcomes

NOT INCLUDED: Travel Expenses
Potential Workshop Topics:

Any presentation topics can be run as a Workshop looking to develop specific strategies and plans tailored to your school needs

  • Benefits & Development of a Community Approach to Mental Health - Detailed workshop providing overview and then working through getting started, areas to develop, key strategies for success, 3 tier mental health snapshot and more. Then we start identifying your areas of need, positive work that has already been done and build from there to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes in your setting.

  • Setting up your Action Team - In depth process to get your team started including stakeholder engagement, development of team roles, effective processes and communication to gain buy in from wider community or members.

  • Data Collection - learn creative ways to collect data that people will actually engage in, develop a plan for data collection and analysis in order to drive action planning.

  • Support Pathways Workshop - Identify what current exists, engage stakeholders & develop a plan to meet the needs of local area.

  • Support Resources & Communication Plan - create a localised directory of support resources & create a communication plan to build mental health awareness and promote work being done.

  • Community Wellbeing Planning - A series of workshops to develop a community wellbeing plan for your local area including engagement of stakeholders, creating buy-in, collecting data, identifying priorities and processes, setting objective action plans & timelines, engagement with local government (See community wellbeing plan page for more detail)
Writing A Community Wellbeing Plan
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