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The Framework You Have Been Looking For
To Create Sustainable, Localised Change To 
Improve Mental Health Outcomes
Why Should You Create A Community Wellbeing Plan?
We have worked for a long time in siloes trying to improve mental health outcomes. When we take the strengths that exist in different govt sectors, community & sporting groups and small businesses we can achieve greater traction and support one another to make a real difference.
So that you have a clear step-by-step roadmap to improve mental health outcomes based on the local needs of your community whether it is in a rural or urban setting.
To create a connected community that values and supports mental health and can problem solve and react to local needs/incidents/events as they arise in order to create localised solutions.
Who Is This For?

Shires/Local Govt/Community development officers/groups & not-for profit organisations searching for a solutions and frustrated by solutions that don't work in rural communities because of local constraints

Educators looking to find solutions for their students beyond the school walls & work with other sectors and the community to achieve this.

Health professionals wanting to work across the sectors to improve mental health outcomes. Passionate individuals, sporting/community groups who want to engage with the community to improve mental health outcomes in their local area.

Rural communities who have tried to implement a Community Wellbeing Plan without success or with limited access to funding

Think Effective Consultancy wants to help you move away from siloed approaches to mental health to localised, sustainable solutions that actually make a difference!

What Is The Process When Engaging In Community Wellbeing 
Planning With Think Effective Consultancy?
Initial Zoom Meeting
  • Establish an understanding of client community context or unique circumstances

  • Determine aims and objectives and any prior work that has been completed

  • Initial discussion of key issues or areas of concern

  • Create a specific timeline of days and actions based on discussion with matching quote

  • Agreement discussed and signed
Day 1

Presentation of Overview of Process to Create Engagement & Excitement about Process.

Creation of Action Team - Initial interested individuals of representatives/determine initial goals and develop and understanding of the setting/create buy-in.

A Mentally Healthy Community Initial Activity

Explore current issues and target groups that may exist

Identify potential stakeholders to engage with

Initial Data Planning & Collation - Ensuring data is engaging and informative to ensure maximum participation

Develop a timeline of steps/dates/meetings for remainder of planning.

FOLLOW UP - Summary of work provided/Engagement letter for stakeholders provided/Collation of Data
Day 2

Invite stakeholders - More can be invited from the community later to form action team when implementing the wellbeing plan

Engaging presentation to excite & motivate group - Including benefits/process/prior work/timelines

Analysis of Data - Extract key issues from a range of data.

Priority Identification Activity - Exhaustion of ideas to ensure all voices are heard (some to be used to create buzz & early wins)

Consensus Activity to determine 2-4 priorities for plan

Logistical Planning - determine roles, communication plan, early wins

FOLLOW UP - Summary of work provided/Communication Templates & Initial documentation provided/community survey provided & facilitated if desired.
Day 3 & 4

Protective & Risk Factors Activity

3 Tier Discussion & Activity

Objective Development - Activities to identify objectives for each priority

Strategic Development - Activities to identify objectives for each priority

Planning for resourcing/costs/lead/timelines/prioritising

FOLLOW UP - Collation of work provided & draft copy of community wellbeing plan provided/implementation timeline & checklist provided/engagement with grant writer facilitated to ensure effective delivery of priorities & objectives.
Day 5

Deliver draft plan to action team (invite key stakeholders & potential action team representatives from community - review and make any modifications needed

Clarify or identify clear leads for each strategy - these will be the people/groups driving the action of each strategy

Go through timeline to determine priority objectives

Planning session for launch of community wellbeing plan

FOLLOW UP - Copy of finalised plan provided/assistance with launch promotion & media provided
  • All planning can be tailored to meet the individual needs of communities and settings

  • Communities can engage Think Effective Consultancy in individual days or areas of need rather than entire process

  • Assistance following development of community wellbeing plan can be negotiated as desired.
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