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Think Effective Consultancy Can Help You Create...
A Community or Cross Sector Approach to 
Mental Health Improvement

Are you a not-for-profit organisation, community or sporting group or in a community development role, and are frustrated by solutions that don't work in rural communities and don't consider local needs and unique characteristics of your location?

Do you want to improve mental health outcomes by bringing the right people together to create localised & sustainable solutions?

Are you instead a member of local Govt and would like to bring passionate people together from across the local community to develop an impactful & sustainable community wellbeing plan that addresses local issues & generates it's own ongoing funding for improved outcomes?

Would you love to have someone come and inspire your group or community to begin this journey and provide you with a step-by-step process to achieve success?

Would you like someone to upskill you, your team or your community to:

  • Form an effective Community Mental Health Action Team?
  • Write a sustainable Wellbeing plan that helps you gain access to ongoing funding?
  • Develop effective action plans and strategies to improve mental health outcomes across your community?
  • Promote and develop Belonging & Connection across your community?

What Presentation Interests You or Your Community?

These are just a sample of what can be presented.  Please use the link below to learn more and access pricing
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Why Do You Need A 
Community Approach 
To Mental Health?

Because this is about saving people’s lives!

This is not about watching the statistics, it is about changing them.

It is about working together and taking people’s individual strengths that exist and bringing them together to improve localised mental health outcomes.

It is about making sustainable change happen from the ground up to ensure that mental health and wellbeing is a priority across all aspects of society.

It is about ensuring that passionate people, like you, don’t burn out from lack of traction and that you, instead, create true change in the space of mental health.

Having a clear roadmap for improving mental health in your community.
Govt sectors, community + sporting groups and local businesses working together to improve mental health outcomes.
Having a connected community that values and supports mental health and could problem solve issues in order to create localised solutions as they arise.
Having easy to find and varied support pathways for those needing support for their mental health.
Being the driver for change or a key part of the process in your community.

Why Work With Renee?

Renee has spent extensive time developing and implementing mental health initiatives both across communities and within schools.  As a Chair and Founder of a highly successful Community Mental Health Action Team within her own local town, she used this knowledge to develop a unique framework and process that is both effective and sustainable to share with other communities.   This Framework takes the strengths that already exist within local regions and utilises a cross-sector approach in order to develop common sense solutions that consider the unique characteristics and needs of each community.  

Renee believes passionately that this approach can take us from working in silos trying to improve mental health outcomes to working collaboratively in order to avoid burnout and in order to make a real difference to mental health statistics in order to start saving lives.

In addition to that Renee:

  • Is an Ambassador for the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association
  • Has previously worked in Education for over 25 years with leadership roles in student mental health & wellbeing and behaviour
  • Has presented at numerous Mental Health Conferences across Australia including the Rural & Regional Mental Health Symposium and the International Mental Health Conference to name just a few
  • Has won and been a finalist in numerous awards for the work she has done in the Community Mental Health space including

         # 2023 Finalist Mental Health & Wellbeing Community Achievement Award (for Boyup Brook CoMHAT)

         # 2022 Local Legend WA Community Achievement Award Winner

         # 2021 Finalist ABC Radio Spirit of Volunteering Award

         # 2019 Finalist Curtin University, School of Education Teaching Excellence Award & WA Education Awards Finalist

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