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Currently on sale: Diversity in Children's Books

Join us in celebrating diversity in kids books! Here you will find a collection of beautiful books that celebrate and embrace kindness, inclusivity and self acceptance.

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21 Things You Forgot About Being a Kid: a partial guide to better understanding our children and ourselves

An outstanding book to remind ourselves about what it is like to be a kid. A really enjoyable read!

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Teacher Wellbeing: A Real Conversation For Teachers and Leaders

This is a great guide for teachers and educators looking to truly improve teacher wellbeing. A helpful resource to create authentic discussions about wellbeing in education.

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Welcome To Consent: How To Say No, When To Say Yes and Everything in Between

An honest and open guide to navigating consent for tweens & teens.

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Externally Bulletproof, Internally Brittle: How To Turn Your Struggle Into Your Success

A great insight into real struggles and how to turn those struggles into your success.

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SMALL THINGS By Mel Tregonning

This is such a visually powerful book showing the depth and weight of worries and internal thoughts. Cannot recommend enough!!!

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A HUGE BAG OF WORRIES By Virginia Ironside

Such a wonderful book to read to children about the weight of worries and the importance of letting someone help us with our worries and help carry the burden.

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Programmes & Courses
Liberty Arts: Mental Health Training

Libby is an amazing presenter who offers a range of Mental Health training & courses. She is incredibly engaging and takes all the work out of organising important training for a community.

(Please note: Western Aus. Based)

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ANZMHA Mental Health Conferences

I am an Ambassador for the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association.  The ANZMHA hold a series of outstanding conferences with a focus mental health solutions and discussions. Conferences include the:

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference

Mhomentum Conference (previously International Mental Health Conference)

Frontline Mental Health Conference


Rural Mental Health Conference

Indigenous Wellbeing Conference

Workplace Mental Health Symposium

STOP Domestic Violence

Click on the link and use my code RKNAPP to access a 10% discount on when you register to attend.

Use My Code RKNAPP &
Register To Attend (10% Off)
Podcast I love
Pebble in the Pond
This amazing podcast by ANZMHA (Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association) invites people across the mental health space, from lived experience speakers through to researchers, academics and influential industry leaders on to speak about important topics.
Dear Anxiety
This podcast has excellent information for both educators and parents and is so well presented. I love the recordings from kids and teens who are experiencing challenges and the practical tips and strategies that are suggested for each episode.
Holding On To Hope
It can be really powerful to listen to someone tell their story in order to have understanding and compassion for mental health and the struggles that people manage on a daily basis. I think this is particularly important when coming to understand suicide. Every episode I listen to has such a signicant impact on me. This podcast is well worth a listen!
CLICKUP: Project or Team Management Tool

I am an obsessive list maker. It is not just that it helps give me a sense of satisfaction as I cross jovs off the list or helps me organise my teams and workload… It actually calms my busy mind.

This is what led me initially to Click up! It was a way to organise my work life, home life, my social life and everything in between. But Click Up is so much more than that. It allows me to keep track of rant requirements with Community Mental Health Action Teams, allocate roles to members of my team and monitor accountability amongst employees to ensure that we achieve our goals and targets. Honestly, it feels good to have finally found something that does everything I need it to!!!

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