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Suicide is the 2nd Leading Cause of Death among 15-29 Year olds

(World Health Organisation 2021)


Over 75% of Mental Health Problems Occur Before The Age of 25

(Kessler, RD et al. 2005. Lifetime prevalence and age-of-onset distributions of DSM-IV disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication.  Archives of General Psychiatry, 62: p. 593-602)


1 in 4 Australians Will Experience an Anxiety Condition in their Lifetime

(ABS National Survey of Mental Health & Wellbeing: Summary of Results, 2007/2008, p 27)


We have to start Making A Difference in the space of Mental Health.

We have to Work Together, Across Sectors to find Effective Solutions and move away from a Siloed Approach to support.

We have to find systems that ensure that support gets to our youth and our community members who desperately need it.

I Help Communities, Schools & Passionate Individuals Improve Mental Health Outcomes so that we can stop Reading the Mental Health Statistics and START CHANGING THEM!

You have seen initiatives and programmes come and go but nothing seems to be change.

You want to improve the mental health support pathways.  You want to improve education and intervention, and develop a sense of belonging and connection in your school or wider community, But you just don’t know where to start or how to get real and sustainable improvement happening in your setting.

You want to stop seeing people or students falling through the gaps and start helping them get the help they need!

You want to create a process that has a preventative and pro-active approach to mental health.

I Can Help You Achieve This! 

Together We Can…


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How You Can Make An Impact In Your School or Community


Community or Cross-Sector Approaches to Mental Health

Improving mental health & wellbeing for all ages through a community or cross-sector approach.

Improved Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

Implementing a planned & wrap-around approach to student mental health & wellbeing.

Positive Approaches To Behaviour

Implementing Behaviour Initiatives effectively (& in alignment with Mental Health initiatives) in Schools

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Hey, I’m Renee Knapp!

I am an Independent Consultant and a passionate advocate for implementing community or cross sector approaches to mental health.  I also work with schools to implement and develop behavioural strategies and mental health & wellbeing approaches in schools effectively.

I have worked in Education for over 20 years as both a Level 3 Classroom Teacher and a Deputy Principal.  I am also the Chairperson and Co-Founder of a Community Mental Health Action Team in a rural town in Western Australia.

I was one of 3 Finalists in the 2019 WA Premier’s Teacher of the Year Awards and one of 4 finalists in the Regional Achievement & Community Awards for Teaching Excellence.  I am also a finalist in the WA Spirit of Volunteering Awards and am a passionate ambassador for the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association.

I feel passionately that we can do things better!  We can work across the sectors to make sustainable change happen so that we can make a real difference to mental health and wellbeing across society.  We can do it in a way that utilises the strengths that different people bring & make everyone a valued part of the process in order to ensure ongoing success.

In educational settings, we can create positive cultures through the use of effective frameworks for change in student behaviour and mental health and wellbeing.  We can make change engaging and fun and make new initiatives lasting and effective therefore minimising resistance and reducing stress.

That is why I have created Think Effective Consultancy!  I want to help people make real change happen in the area of mental health  across our communities and local areas.  I want to help schools look beyond their school walls and have success with mental health and student behaviour initiatives.  

This is not about watching the mental health statistics, it is about changing them for the better.  It is about saving lives and ensuring that we create true change that is sustainable and effective.  

How Can I Help You?

Are you ready to start making a difference in your community or school?

Are you ready to lead the change or start working with others to create sustainable & effective improvements?


I can help you achieve this in your community or within your school! 

I can facilitate the entire process and support you every step of the journey OR I can help you get started or help you gain momentum in a single focus area that you need support with. 

Check out the options below to get you started or click on one of the three focus areas above to learn more about mental health & behaviour improvements in schools and communities.


I Am Ready To Start Implementing Effective Positive Change?

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