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Mental Health & Wellbeing in Schools
| | July 10, 2024
To improve mental health outcomes, it's crucial to value the time and contributions of passionate committee members. Meetings should be action-driven with a sense of achievement, ensuring every voice is heard. Collaboration is key, but effectiveness and respect for individuals' busy schedules are essential. Watch the video for further insights.
| | June 21, 2024
When working with communities to improve mental health and wellbeing, starting with a plan isn't effective. Instead, a four-stage process—Foundations, Initial Steps, Action Planning, and Momentum—ensures long-term success and community buy-in. Each stage is crucial, from building a dedicated team to engaging stakeholders and securing funding.
| June 20, 2024
My Framework For Community Mental Health Explained
After 28 years in education, I left to focus on enhancing community mental health. My video series explains a community-focused framework with four stages—Foundational Stage, Initial Steps, Action Planning, and Momentum. It aims to utilize community strengths to improve mental health and wellbeing. Access the full series on my YouTube channel.
| May 29, 2024
Imagine a World Where Communities Come Together to Prioritise Mental Health & Wellbeing
The post envisions a community where collaborative efforts across sectors focus on mental health improvement. It emphasizes the importance of making mental health a foundational priority, involving schools, businesses, and community groups in shared problem-solving. The message encourages collective action to turn this achievable vision into reality, starting immediately.
| April 7, 2024
Data Collection For Communities: Meaningful Data For Mental Health & Techniques To Try
This post expands on the previous one about data collection, providing concrete strategies for gathering community mental health data. It introduces a three-tiered approach focusing on early intervention, prevention, and awareness, along with specific steps for utilizing surveys creatively to improve participation rates. Free resources are available for download to assist action teams in starting these processes, with a future post to address setting goals and targets using the collected data.
| | April 2, 2024
Data Collection For Communities: Reasons For & What To Collect
Data, once cringe-worthy to me, has become a cornerstone of effective goal-setting and progress measurement. Collecting accurate data illuminates true community needs, targeting useful groups for initiatives. Critical for securing funding, data collection methods include 3 Tier Diagrams, targeted surveys, and engaging social media interactions. Incentives further motivate prompt survey returns, leading to beneficial early goal achievement.
| October 31, 2023
Why Are Communities A Powerful Tool For Improving Mental Health Outcomes?
Renee advocates for a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to enhance mental health outcomes, highlighting the untapped potential within government, community, sports, and small businesses. Her latest video emphasizes using community as a catalyst for sustained local mental health improvements. Visit her site to learn more, and engage with her content by liking, subscribing, and discussing.
| October 31, 2023
Why I Feel Passionate About Community Approaches to Mental Health?
Renee Knapp's experience with mental health led her to establish a Community Mental Health Action Team (CoMHAT) inclusive of cross-sector community members. Recognizing the impact of mental health issues beyond school walls, she aims to foster change within education and communities by improving support systems. Future blog posts will outline the creation and progress of CoMHAT, advocating for a cross-sector approach and systemic change in mental health strategies.
Community Mental Health Action Team A Case Study
| October 31, 2023
A Community Mental Health Action Team: CASE STUDY
A rural town in Western Australia significantly boosted mental health resources since 2016, securing over $600,000 for salaries and infrastructure, thus demonstrating the profound impact of a community-based mental health initiative. Read more about this incredible achievement.
| October 31, 2023
Why Adopt a Community Approach To Mental Health?
Renee Knapp's blog highlights the necessity of a community-based approach to mental health, emphasizing that issues extend beyond individual systems like schools. It argues for collaborative, strategic actions across various sectors, highlighting benefits such as comprehensive mental health consideration, community connection, targeted support, joint funding, shared problem-solving, intergenerational engagement, and informed local government planning. Renee offers a framework for change and resources through a newsletter, inviting readers to join a Community Mental Health Action Team.
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