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Secrets To Setting Up A Successful School Mental Health Action Team SUPPORT RESOURCE

Would you like to improve mental health and wellbeing in your school?

Are you looking to create a team or committee to lead school improvement in this area?

Have you already been part of a team with limited success?

Creating an effective working team is a critical step in achieving success with school improvement.

If this sounds like something you need this Mental Health in Schools resource is for you.

Inside this resource are simple strategies and templates to help you create an effective working team including:

  • Key Elements To Consider When Setting Up Your Team
  • Effective Consensus Strategies examples
  • Parking Lot, Goal Setting & Agenda Templates
  • Techniques for Adding a Little Fun To Meetings

And a BONUS Implementation Checklist giving you all of the steps involved in Improving Mental Health outcomes in schools.



"Are you passionate about enhancing mental health and wellbeing within your school community? Perhaps you're eager to spearhead this effort by forming a dedicated team or committee. Or maybe you've been part of previous initiatives that fell short of expectations. Whatever your experience, one thing is clear: creating an effective working team is paramount to achieving meaningful progress in school improvement efforts.

Enter our comprehensive resource designed precisely for individuals like you. Inside, you'll find an array of simple yet powerful strategies and templates to guide you in establishing a high-performing team. From identifying key elements crucial for team setup to implementing effective consensus-building strategies, we've got you covered. Explore our collection of parking lot, goal setting, and agenda templates to streamline your meetings, along with techniques to infuse a sense of enjoyment into your team's interactions.

As an added bonus, access our exclusive Implementation Checklist, which provides a detailed roadmap encompassing all the necessary steps to improve mental health outcomes in schools.

Ready to take the next step in fostering a culture of wellbeing? Explore this resource today, and click the link below for additional resources to support mental health and wellbeing in schools.

Link to resources: https://thinkeffective.com.au/resources/

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