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Community Based Approach To Mental Health: “HOW TO GUIDE”

All across society amazing individuals work in silos trying to solve the mental health crisis, burnt out from trying to do it all and frustrated that it continues to worsen despite ongoing effort.

Communities have a unique opportunity to bring the strengths that already exist in government sectors, community and sporting groups together to create an intentional and collaborative approach in order to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

This "How-To-Guide" can provide you with a detailed insight into why and how to create a community approach in your area (whether rural or urban).

Included  are:

  • The benefits of a community approach
  • Techniques to set up an effective Action Team
  • Effective processes for collecting data to ensure you find out what the real issues are not just the assumed ones
  • Strategies to use such as a Tiered Approach and Protective & Risk Factor identification
  • Key areas and training to consider
  • Insights into early wins and gaining community buy-in
  • Looking towards writing a Community Wellbeing Plan with funding to support it

Don't wait a minute longer to learn how you could improve mental health outcomes across your community!



In a society where individuals often work in isolation to tackle the mental health crisis, burning out amidst ongoing efforts and frustration over worsening conditions, there's a pressing need for a shift towards collaborative community action.

Communities possess a wealth of untapped potential across various sectors, including government, community organizations, and sports groups. By harnessing these strengths and fostering intentional collaboration, we can pave the way for substantial improvements in mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

Our comprehensive "How-To-Guide" offers invaluable insights into the why and how of creating a community-centered approach, tailored to both rural and urban settings. Inside, you'll find:

  • The compelling benefits of adopting a community approach
  • Techniques for establishing an effective Action Team, ensuring synergy and productivity
  • Proven processes for data collection, ensuring a nuanced understanding of real issues rather than assumed ones
  • Strategic approaches like Tiered Approach and Protective & Risk Factor identification
  • Key areas of focus and training considerations for optimal results
  • Practical tips for securing early wins and garnering community support
  • Guidance on drafting a Community Wellbeing Plan and accessing funding to sustain initiatives

Don't delay another moment in your quest to enhance mental health outcomes across your community. Dive into our guide today and be a catalyst for positive change in your area.

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