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Do you want to improve Mental Health (or behaviour) outcomes in your school or community?

Do you want your initiative to be effective so that it has impact and is sustainable?

Would you like to have access to a step-by-step process for creating change?

Would you like to take the hard work out of the process but still achieve amazing results in your school or community?

I Can Help You Achieve all of this!

Hey, I’m Renee Knapp!

I am an independant consultant and educator and am a passionate advocate for implementing community and cross sector approaches to mental health.  I also specialise in implementing effective behavioural strategies and mental health & wellbeing approaches in schools and communities.

I can work with individuals with a passion to get things moving in their local area or organisations seeking to bring their vision to life.  I can work with school admin teams, whole staff groups or individuals to determine the best approach to take in order to ensure maximum buy in from staff, students, parents and community members.  


I can help you:

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How Can We Work Together?

Speaking At An Event/Presentation

I love to motivate others and am a passionate speaker and presenter.  Get me to speak at your next event, meeting, conference about community approaches to mental health or mental health and behaviour improvement in schools.  Click on the title to learn more about presentations I have given.


  • Initial meeting or contact regarding specific needs for presentation
  • 1-2 hour presentation or Full Day session
  • Copy of power point or resources shared during session

INVESTMENT: $100/hr or $500/day + travel

Consultancy (In Person or Online)

I would love to help you develop a plan or implement your initiative effectively in your local area.  I can work with passionate individuals, small groups, action teams, whole staffing groups or organisations to implement or develop whole plans or sections that you need assistance with.


  • Planning session to identify your localised needs
  • Preparation time for meetings and in-person or zoom sessions
  • Meeting sessions
  • Specific support resources developed for sessions
  • Follow up

INVESTMENT: $500/day + travel (this can all be negotiated to suit your needs and the needs of your school or community)

Workshops/PD Sessions

If you are ready to get your action team or staff motivated and achieving some goals this is a great place to start.  I can run a variety of workshops or professional development sessions that can be tailed to your needs.  I will work with your team or staff to specifically progress or improve part of your plan or a specific area you would like to improve.  Click on the title to see some of the workshops that I offer.


  • Initial meeting or contact regarding specific needs for workshop
  • 1-2 hour presentation or Full Day session
  • Copy of collated work or resources created by team/staff during the workshop
  • Follow up if needed

INVESTMENT: $500 + travel

Facilitating the Development of an Community Wellbeing Plan or a School Improvement Plan for Mental Health or Behaviour

I have been heavily involved in developing and implementing both community and school improvement plans and iniatitives for mental health and behaviour.  I can work with you to develop a clear plan for improvement and can then facilitate the delivery of each step with your team.


  • Planning session to negotiate term of contract and clear intentions
  • In person sessions to facilitate both the planning and delivery of stages in the plan
  • Ongoing communication regarding needs and delivery
  • Coaching calls throughout contract to offer feedback and assistance as needed
  • Copy of power point or resources shared during session

INVESTMENT: Negotiated with Renee based on needs

Blog Sense of Belonging

Support Resources

Perhaps you are the type of person who would prefer to implement initiatives on your own.  But you would love to have some resources to support your journey and help your action have the greatest chance of success.

CLICK ON THE HEADING “SUPPORT RESOURCES” and you will be taken to my resources page where you can access lots of templates and actionable products to assist you on your journey.  Please know this is being regularly updated and will soon include some Digital Courses to guide you through each step in great detail.  Sign up to my FREE Newsletter to keep updated with new additions.

I Want To GET STARTED Making a Difference in my Community or School

Do you want to start making a difference right now to your local community or school?  Do you want to start saving lives and creating a preventative and supportive approach to mental health?  Click below to get in contact with me and we can start working together to make things happen!!!

I Would Like To Know More About …


I was lucky enough to choose your presentation for the PBS Summit in Busselton and boy was I enthused!

Once again thanks again for the wonderful inspiring talk!

Robyn Gerace

Your outstanding efforts in the area of positive mental health through the community Mental Health Action Team is to be applauded.

Individuals such as yourself are change makers for the betterment of young people and you must be appreicated greatly by the school community and the community at large.

Mr Terry Redman MLA

I was at your PL yesterday and it was amazing!  You've given me SO many fantastic ideas.  

Samantha Heirich

Why Renee?


I have spent extensive time developing and implementing mental health initiatives both within schools and across communities as a Chair and Co-Founder for a Community Mental Health Action Team.  I have developed processes that are both effective and sustainable and can help you achieve success when implementing change.  I want you to benefit from the lessons I have learnt through my experiences, successes and sometimes failures.  I want to see us start to make a real difference to the mental health statistics and start saving lives.

In addition to that I:

  • Am an Ambassador for the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association
  • Have worked in Education for over 20 years with leadership roles in mental health and wellbeing & student behaviour
  • Have presented at a variety of Mental Health Conferences across Australia including the Rural & Regional Mental Health Symposium & the Mental Health Services Conference.
  • I have helped many schools implement Mental Health and Behaviour iniatives effectively
  • I have developed a Community approach to mental health that has been utilised across local regions as a model of success.
  • I have worked with the Mental Health Commssion,Local Govt and Community Action Team to create a Community  Wellbeing Plan.

I am passionate about the difference we can make in the space of mental health.  I want to help you have the success I have achieved so that you can start making a real difference too!


I Am Ready To Start Making a Real Difference to Community, School or Workplace!

Email me for more information or to start working together.

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