THINK EFFECTIVE CONSULTANCY          can help you create…

A Culture of Wellbeing or An Improved Approach To Mental Health & Wellbeing in your School That Considers All That Goes on For a Student

I work with schools & passionate educators like you who want to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes for your students and school.

You might be tired of seeing effective programmes being implemented for SEL but nothing truly changing regarding the culture within the school.  

You might have an approach to behaviour but it is not effectively aligned with mental health and wellbeing or perhaps you’re stuck and don’t know where to go next in order to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes for your students.

The problem is you don’t know where to start, how to create ongoing momentum or how to bring key people together.  You have a vision or desire to make change happen in your school but need to steps to take in order to be successful.

Think Effective Consultancy can provide you with a proven approach for improving mental health in your school and will help you work towards creating a Culture of Wellbeing that incorporates both mental health and behaviour.

WHY Do You Need a Consistent & Planned Approach to Mental Health & Wellbeing in Schools?


Because this is about setting our youth up for life!

We don’t want to keep watching our students fall through the cracks.  We want to start making a difference and changing the statistics!

It is about creating a culture of wellbeing in our schools rather than just implementing a programme.

It is about adopting a process that is done effectively and sustainably and gets MAXIMUM buy-in from staff, students and parents.

It is about using consistent language and approaches across classrooms to ensure that we make a difference in every child’s life!


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THINK EFFECTIVE CONSULTANCY          will take you from feeling…

Frustrated and confused by all that you need to do or where to start in order to improve mental health & wellbeing in your school


Creating a Culture of Wellbeing that encompasses all areas critical to a student’s mental health & wellbeing.

Imagine Creating a School Culture That…

YOU are someone who can make change happen…

You might just need a little inspiration or support

to know how to make it happen effectively

That is the exact reason I created:


To Take You From Feeling Stressed & Confused About Where To Start or How To Make Improvements…


Having A Clear Roadmap For Success & a Planned Approach For Improving Student Mental Health that takes ALL areas into consideration (rather than just being a stand along programme)

Why Renee?


I am an Independent Consultant and passionate advocated for improving mental health and wellbeing within schools.  I have worked in Education for over 20 years as both a Level 3 Classroom Teacher and a Deputy Principal.  I am also the Chairperson and Co-Founder of a Community Mental Health Action Team in a rural town in Western Australia.

I have spent extensive working within schools to develop and implement mental health and behaviour initiatives in order to create a Culture of Wellbeing.  This is not just about implementing an SEL programme.  While these are a valuable part of the picture there is so much more to be considered when trying to create a positive school culture.  I have developed processes that are both effective and sustainable and can help you achieve success when implementing change.  I want you to benefit from the lessons I have learnt through my experiences, successes and sometimes failures.  I want to help schools create positive learning environments that have a proactive and supportive approach to mental health.

In addition to that I:

  • Am an Ambassador for the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association
  • Have worked in Education for over 20 years with leadership roles in mental health and wellbeing & student behaviour
  • I was one of 3 finalists in the 2019 WA Premier’s Teacher of the Year Awards
  • I was one of 3 finalists in the Regional Achievement & Community Awards For Teaching Excellence
  • Have presented at a variety of Mental Health Conferences across Australia including the Rural & Regional Mental Health Symposium & the Mental Health Services Conference.
  • I have helped many schools across Western Australia implement Mental Health and Behaviour iniatives effectively
  • I have worked with the Mental Health Commission,Local Govt and Community Action Team to create a Community  Improvement Plans for mental health.

I am passionate about the difference we can make in the space of mental health.  I want to help you have the success I have achieved so that you can start making a real difference to your students too!


Where is the teachable moment?

Here Is What Is Included When You Work With Think Effective Consultancy…

One-on-One or Group Coaching


  • 60 min Initial Zoom Meeting to determine Needs, Frustrations & the Point of Entry for Coaching
  • A More Lengthy Strategy Meeting (in person or online) to create a Unique Action Plan tailored to meet the local needs of your school and consider your strengths
  • A Detailed stepped out process for implementation to provide a goals and targets for the team or yourself and ensure accountability along the way
  • Support @ each stage of implementation (in person or online) to help you achieve maximum effectiveness and sustainability
  • Personalised Support Resources to aid implementation to make life a little easier and reduce stress levels of the team members or individual

NOT INCLUDED: Travel Expenses

INVESTMENT: $2500 for 6 months or $100/hour + travel

Workshop Sessions


  • Zoom Meeting to Plan Needs for Session to ensure high level of engagement and buy-in from team
  • 1-2 hour interactive workshop with team or interested individuals or Full Day session to work through implementation of an area.  These sessions differ from a presentation in that they are designed to achieve progress and impove outcomes in the stage you are implementing.  Participants will actively engage in activities and discussion in order to come away with clearly met outcomes and documents for accountability & progress
  • All resources used in workshop will be provided and follow up documentation sent based on collaboration and consensus during workshop.  These resources will be available to share with the school team and will assist in ongoing implementation and improved mental health outcomes


  • Developing a Culture of Wellbeing in Your School – 1 hour or Full Day
  • Combining Behaviour & Mental Health Strategies in order to create a Positive School Culture – 2 hour or Full Day
  • Setting up your Action Team & Utilising Effective Team Processes
  • Developing a Shared Understanding of Mental Health
  • Creatively Collecting Data That is Meaningful & Useful
  • Supporting Parents & Students Through Mental Health Difficultures
  • Identifying Local Protective & Risk Factors For Mental Health
  • Developing Relationships within the School Environment
  • Developing a Sense of Belonging & Connection
  • Writing Student Engagement Plans
  • Developing Effective Student Services Processes For Student Wellbeing

NOT INCLUDED: Travel Expenses

INVESTMENT: $500 per workshop + travel



  • Zoom Meeting to identify specific topic & requirements for presentation.  Presentations are designed to inspire or inform a school or staff about an area of need such as providing inspiration to a staff about developing a Culture of Wellbeing.  They are often useful to create buy-in from the staff.
  • Presentation & Access to any materials used during presentation such as power point for future reference


  • Implementing mental health and behaviour improvements in a Combined Approach
  • Improving Student mental health & Wellbeing (incorporating Be You or School Based Approach)
  • How to create an effective working team
  • Developing a sense of belonging and
  • Utilising student voice
  • Developing meaningful/behaviour changing Time Out sessions with students

NOT INCLUDED: Travel Expenses

INVESTMENT: $500 per presentation + travel


That I am very passionate about improving mental health outcomes and I want to see you or your team achieve success! 

I have led & created change that needs to happen in the mental health space in schools and I want to spread that success and proven framework for change, that I have developed, across the Education system and across schools around the world because MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS and we have to start making a difference. 

I don’t want to see another life lost when there is so much that can be done to improve approaches to mental health and wellbeing in schools.


I Want To Start Improving Student Mental Health & Wellbeing in my School or Educational Setting

Get on a 30 minutes chat to talk about your scenario and how Renee can support you to make a difference.

There are Many Ways We Can Work Together Including…


Don't Wait Another Minute! Start Improving Mental Health & Wellbeing in Your School Now



I have found Renee to be highly inspiring both personally and to those working with her.  Renee has woven best practice mental health strategies into the schoolwide Behaviour Management Policy that is unprecedented in my experience of working across schools in the South West of WA.  Renee has supported the staff to follow her lead to ensure mental health care for all students is at the forefront of staff planning and classroom behaviour management, thereby enabling students to achieve much better overall outcomes.

Kylie Truss

Teacher Consultant For SSENBE, Dept of Education

Renee’s unique and highly successful merging of the behaviour and mental health approaches have created a cutting edge, practical tool that can be adapted and utilised across the education system to evoke cultural change.

Bernard Beatty

School Principal, Education Dept

Thank you so much Renee for your presentation, and for your generosity in sharing your experience and expertise.  I took away a lot from it.



I was at your PL yesterday and it was amazing!  You’ve given me SO many fantastic ideas.  

Samantha Heirich

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Would you like a FREE Implementation Checklist to guide you through all the steps involved in Improving STUDENT MENTAL HEALTH & Creating a CULTURE OF WELLBEING + a Bonus Video

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Student Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources


Are you keen to start making a difference in your school but want do it yourself?


Would you just like a few resources to help you get started so that you can implement the change yourself?


BE You Implementation Ladder
CoVID 19 Resources For Educators
Strategies To Create An Effective Working Team

Would you like a FREE Implementation Checklist to guide you through all the steps involved in Improving STUDENT MENTAL HEALTH & Creating a CULTURE OF WELLBEING + a Bonus Video

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