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WHY Do You Need a Consistent & Planned Approach to Mental Health & Wellbeing in Schools?


Because this is about setting our youth up for life!

We don’t want to keep watching our students fall through the cracks.  We want to start making a difference and changing the statistics!

It is about creating a culture of wellbeing in our schools rather than just implementing a programme.

It is about adopting a process that is done effectively and sustainably and gets MAXIMUM buy-in from staff, students and parents.

It is about using consistent language and approaches across classrooms to ensure that we make a difference in every child’s life!


I work with schools and passionate educators who want to improve student mental health and wellbeing outcomes by creating Action Plans that align behaviour, mental health & cyber safety initiatives.

Perhaps you’re in charge of improving mental health outcomes but you just don’t know where to start?

OR you’ve already made a start in improving mental health but just aren’t making the difference you had hoped for?

OR you’re frustrated that students keep falling through the cracks and not getting the support they so desperately need

OR you have an effective student services team but you need help improving your processes and systems

OR you want to link your approaches to behaviour with mental health

OR you want a step-by-step guide to improve mental health in your school

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I Can Help You!

Together We Can …


# Set up an effective and action driven team that can implement a mental health and wellbeing framework for change

# Review current processes and start from a point of data collection & real results

# Implement a framework and template for change that any school can adopt and align with current National Frameworks and requirements

# Work with teams to develop a process for mental health awareness, education, data collection, support pathways, alignment with behaviour iniatives and action planning

# Run Professional Development Sessions & Workshops with staff based an your school’s current focus area

# Review current student services processes including inclusion of student engagement and relationship development

# Access templates and resources for teams to utilised such as “Student Engagement Plans”

# Write & implement School Culture of Wellbeing Plans

So That You Can…


And As a Result Create a School Culture That… 

I Am Ready To Start Improving Student Mental Health & Wellbeing

Email me for more information or to start working together.

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Student Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources


Are you keen to start making a difference in your school but want do it yourself?


Would you just like a few resources to help you get started so that you can implement the change yourself?


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CoVID 19 Resources For Educators
Strategies To Create An Effective Working Team

I Am Ready To Start Improving Student Mental Health & Wellbeing

Email me for more information or to start working together.

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