Strategies For Effective Working Teams


Are you a leader of a team?

Do you find you are not achieving the results you would like when it comes to team meetings?

This resource provides a variety of strategies and templates to make your meetings more effective and engaging. Included are various templates that can be used for all meetings including

  • Parking Lot Strategy
  • Consensus Strategies – for decision making
  • Meeting Agenda templates – for better efficiency
  • Goals and Target Setting
  • Strategies For Adding a Little Fun To Meetings

Are you trying to make improvements to student behaviour?

Do you already have a plan for improvement but aren't getting traction or the results you had hoped for?

Are you a leader of a behaviour team in your school or setting?

This bundle includes a collection of resources to assist you in implementing behavioural change with students. It can exist on its own or can complement implementation of existing systems and frameworks such as PBiS and general Behaviour Management Planning Approaches

Included is:

  • Strategies To Help You Implement Behaviour Initiatives Effectively
  • Behaviour Improvement Checklist
  • Templates for Behaviour Data Collection
  • Strategies To Create An Effective Working Team
  • Ready Made EDITABLE Behaviour Newsletters & Templates
  • Ready Made EDITABLE Posters & Ideas For School Behaviour Improvement


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