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WHY Do You Need A Consistent & Planned Approach to Behaviour in Schools?


Because simply punishing behaviour is not going to change it!

If a child makes a mistake when reading, we teach…

If a child makes a mistake with behaviour, we traditionally punish …

We need to adopt a consistent language and approach around behaviour so that we can create teachable moments when students make a mistake rather than watching them repeat the mistake over and over.

We need to do this in a well-thought process so that we create a positive culture amongst our staff, students and school community.

I work with schools and passionate educators who want to improve student behaviour by adopting a consistent approach across the school and want to teach students the skills they need to become positive members of society.

Perhaps you know you want to improve the behaviour of your students at your school but you don’t know where to start

OR you are currently implementing a behaviour approach or programme but it doesn’t seem to be getting the results you were hoping for

OR You want to align behaviour, mental health and other issues such as online interactions so that you can minimise the workload, but increase the effectiveness

OR you have a team but you are struggling to get buy-in from staff or are stuck with one element

OR you just want someone to give you a step-by-step guide as to how to improve behaviour

I Can Help You!

Together We Can …


# Set up an effective action team that can implement behaviour improvement across the school

# Review current processes and start from a point of data collection and reflection about what is working successfully and what needs improvement

# Align behaviour approaches with mental health approaches in your school in order to create a culture of wellbeing

# Present Professional Development session and workshops with staff based on your area of focus at the time

# Provide support resources to support implementation at each stage

# Provide templates such as student engagement plans to improve student services processes

# Provide a step-by-step process to improving student behaviour at your school

So That You Can…


I Am Ready To Start Improving Student Behaviour & Creating a Positive School Culture

Email me for more information or to start working together.

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Behavioural Resources


Are you keen to start making a difference in your school but you want to do it yourself and at your own pace? 

Would you just like a few resources to help you get started so that you can implement the change yourself?


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Behaviour Implementation Checklist
Effective working teams
Ready Made Behaviour Newsletter and Templates
Effective behaviour data
Ready Made Posters Ideas School Behaviour Improvement
Behaviour Improvement Bundle

I Am Ready To Start Improving Student Behaviour & Creating a Positive School Culture

Email me for more information or to start working together.

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