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“Use of an Implementation Checklist”

(when driving change)


I mentioned in my most recent post that when implementing any new initiative, it is essential to have a clear vision and set of goals. This is not only important as the Coordinator/Chairperson of a committee or area of improvement, but also allows the whole team and staff to keep track of progress and see where you are heading. It keeps you focused as a team when trying to organise meetings and helps to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.


I initially made use of an Implementation Checklist when doing PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) work and found it to be so successful in assisting in implementation that I created a similar approach when implementing a mental health initiative in a school.  Within schools there are often many committees and time spent at meetings is extremely precious.  As a result it is vital that meetings are spent being productive and that everyone comes away with a sense of achievement.  Utilising an Implementation Checklist in my opinion is a critical element for success in improving School Mental Health & Wellbeing.  An Implementation Checklist gives the team a clear sense of overall direction, provides an accountability tool, provides a starting point for setting meeting agendas and allows teams to keep a record of their achievements.

This process of utilising and creating Implementation Checklists has become pivotal to my success as a Chairperson of many committees, and has allowed me to maintain a sense of direction when determining what needs to be achieved.

Please click on the link to download the free resource available on my website to see an example of and access implementation checklists I have utilised for behaviour, mental health and a  national framework implementation. 

If you have any questions about how they work or how I can work with you to create your own localised implementation ladder please send me an email at


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Renee Knapp 


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Free Resource

    Download this free resource to access a sample of implementation ladders.  Click here for 3 sample implementation ladders for use when improving behaviour, mental health and when using the Be You National Framework .

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