“Implementing Behaviour Initiatives Effectively in Schools” 


As a Deputy Principal and during my 22 years Teaching time I have spent considerable time engaging in classroom management strategies and working with teachers to implement behaviour improvements in Schools.  I have taught in a variety of educational settings including a school in the North of WA with considerable and severe behaviour issues, to a small rural town in the South West of WA with considerably less behavioural issues, but still in need of a consistent approach to behaviour in order to create a positive school culture. 


“When a child makes a mistake when reading…


When a child makes a mistake with behaviour…


(Renee Knapp, Think Effective Consultancy)


Too often, our School Behaviour Plans are focused only on how we will reward  and punish suitable and poor behaviour.  However, we need to consider how to change a child’s behaviour or how to teach them essential skills in order to make better choices. We can do this by engaging students in teachable moments and by providing an opportunity for students to correct their behaviour through conflict resolution, anger management and emotional check ins and labelling, to mention just a few strategies. 


In order to get our schools to this point, we need to adopt a Whole School Approach that ensures consistency and use of a common language when talking about behaviour.  We need to have a clear vision and process in place for achieving our outcomes, and staff, students and the parental community must all be engaged and part of the journey.   


Without effective behaviour management, other curriculum and school priorities struggle to be achieved.  When we work on behaviour and team it with key areas such as mental health and wellbeing, we start to utilise a planned approach focusing on the “whole” child.   


Over the next few months I will be writing once a week about my beliefs regarding behaviour initiatives in schools.  I will identify key strategies that I have used and had success with, and will provide you with free resources to help ensure your success when implementing these strategies in your schools or classrooms.  The following list is a rough idea of topics I will be covering in my blog posts: 

Importance of an Effective Team Approach & Strategies to Ensure Success


Use of an Implementation Ladder


Collection of Behavioural Data – reasons/processes/specific examples


Behavioural Expectations


Importance of signage and displays


Encouraging/rewarding behaviours & Creating Buy In for students


Strategies for Keeping Parents Informed Along The Journey


Teaching Behavioural Expectations


Whole School Approach to Implementation


Key strategies for optimal Staff Buy In


Responding to Undesirable Behaviour


How to Write Behaviour Management Plans to be more Focused towards Teachable Moments


Please feel free to share my blog post with friends and contact me @ renee@thinkeffective.com.au with any questions. 

Have a great day!

Renee Knapp 


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