“Where is the Teachable Moment?”

Every day in education we are teaching students, but when are the “teachable moments” when we can correct behaviour, teach a life skill and truly make a difference in a student’s life?

So often when a child makes a mistake with behaviour, we have a plan to punish or encourage, but have we considered when we can look beyond the behaviour.  In school Behaviour Management Policies, where consistency is key, have we identified when the “teachable moment” will take place?

Or do we just take it to chance that it even happens in the process?

You may be wondering what the “teachable moment” looks like? 

 It might be as simple as:

An example of a teachable moment might look like this:

“A student is regularly getting homework detentions for not completing homework”

Normally, we may have just given a regular consequence for not completing the homework.  We may have even created a contract that rewarded the child when they completed their homework and gave them a consequence if they didn’t.

If we insert the “teachable moment” into this example, we might notice a pattern of behaviour, sit down with the student and start to identify the following:

# Blockers that they experience to getting the homework done (eg. Sport commitments, no suitable study area at home, forgetting to take school work home)

# Reasons behind not completing the homework (eg. No set time for doing homework, get distracted by technology)

# How to change the behaviour around not completing homework (identifying simple steps based on the above to work on towards success)

 # Create some simple homework resources to assist the child in achieving success (Eg. A poster at home, a homework reminder on a device)

# A plan to follow up with the child/Check in with their progress (Eg. An early win to help them feel successful)

The teachable moment is where you as a teacher or an administrator can make a difference to a child’s life and change a pattern of behaviour.  It is the moment where in the past, we would have simply punished or rewarded, as opposed to actually thinking about how are we going to dig a little deeper and help a child make changes that can equip them for success, not only in school, but also life!

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