Hello everyone and “Thank You” for jumping on in and having a look at my THINK Effective Consultancy Website!

I am so excited to be on this journey of both self-development and sharing.  I can’t wait to explore key areas of passion I have worked on, and take them into the wider world and Education Communities.

I have been teaching for over 22 years and have spent a large part of my time as an educator implementing change with staff and students.  I have worked as a Classroom Teacher from the North-west of Australia in South Hedland, to the South-west of Australia in Boyup Brook and many places in-between.  Since having my own three children, I have worked as a Music Specialist across Kindy – Year 10 and as a Level 3 Teacher and Deputy Principal.  My leadership has been heavily based in Curriculum Improvement and more recently, Behavioural Improvement & Strategies, and Mental Health & Wellbeing, both of staff and students.  Within these areas, I have led change as the Chairperson of various School Action Teams and as a result have been invited to present my success stories and strategies at numerous events, including the following:

  • Mind Matters Showcase by invite of the Principal’s Institute of Australia
  • PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) Summit & District High School/Secondary Meetings
  • Network Meetings & Events across various districts within Western Australia
  • Development of a Case Study For the Fijian Govt via Sustainable Skills

Over time, through my work in these areas, I have seen the overwhelming benefits in implementing change around student behaviour and mental health in a connected, planned approach.  When we can look beyond a student’s behaviour and identify what is “going on” for a child, we can make a real difference to a student and their future.  Each week, through my blog, I will explore important elements, that I think must be considered in order to make effective change happen in this area.  I will also explore some specific strategies educators can take away to address these needs in schools and across the wider community.

Through my work in student mental health, I am also involved in a very exciting local project that I helped to develop.  I am a founding member of a “Community Mental Health Action Team”, or CoMHAT as we like to call it.  This has been a game changer, as for the first time in Education, we are working collaboratively with Health Services, Law Enforcement, local businesses and the local Shire to create real change around mental health, not only for students, but also the entire community.  To be able to have conversations and look “Beyond the School Walls” at what may be influencing and happening for a young person, has been critical in making positive change in their lives.

There is so much going on in these important areas in Education, but it is critical that we engage our staff and students in an effective process of action, to ensure that change is long lasting and has the desired effect to make a difference to all of our students.


I look forward to exploring these topics within my blog & talking and working with like-minded people to make a real difference where it counts!

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